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Here's a list of our Venmo and CashApp links for virtual tipping:

Group Tips

V: @FrosteaseBurlesque

C: $FrosteaseBurlesque

Solo Performer Tips

Bunnicula Blanc 

V: @BunniculaBlanc

C: $BunniculaBlanc

Chola Magnolia

V: @chola-magnolia

C: $cholalachingona

The English Muffin

V: @tripledcupoftea 

C: $tripledcupoftea

Isabella Novela

C: $IsabellaNovela

Nova Stardust

C: $novastrdst

Panty Cakes

V: @afterglow907

C: $afterglow907

Scotch Rose

V: @scotch_rose

C: $scotchrose

This is Heading 6
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