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S9 Portrait Muffin - Valette Photography 2023-4 sq.jpg

The English Muffin

Your Triple-D Cup of Tea

For almost a decade, The English Muffin has been throwing her curves around on stages from Anchorage to DC, bringing your favorite pop culture characters to life - and then making them naked. Whether you're into naughty and nerdy or classically coquettish, Muffin is sure to be your cup of tea, too.

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Busty Sinclair

Busty Sinclair

Busting into Your Hearts and Out of Her Bra

Introducing the voluptuous vixen Busty Sinclair! With curves that could make hearts race and a wink that could stop time itself, she's a siren of the stage, leaving audiences breathless with every shimmy and shake. From performing on stage to helping kitten she likes fulfilling a lot of roles, and many fantasies you didn’t know you had.

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Moxie portrait-Valette Photography-5 sq.jpg

Moxie Rocket

Sass and Ass to the Moon and Back

Captain Daddy Moxie Rocket returns to her role of HBIC as stage manager, keeping the Frostbites in line with a firm hand and the occasional spanking when it's called for. Stay on her good side - or don't, her bad side is pretty delightful, too.

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Lacy Lemoan portraits 2023-02 - Valette Photography-5 copy.jpg

Lacy Le'moan

Sweet with a Twist

Lacy Le’moan is like a good lemon tart, sweet with a twist. She has been with Frostease since season 6, and her happy place is helping performers get stage ready.

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Nymphadora Muse.jpg

Nymphadora Muse

The Enigmatic Nymph

Presenting Nymphadora Muse to the Frostease crew for season 10. The enigmatic nymph transports everyone to an uplifting realm of unwavering support and endless encouragement, to fortify the brazen acceptance and stellar success of the crew. Gratify your senses with her, as she joins this beautiful burlesque troupe!

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S9 Portrait Cakes - Valette Photography 2023-8 copy.jpg

Panty Cakes

Alaska's Sultry Frosted Sweet Treat

Principal dancer Panty Cakes is dedicated to giving her audiences a spectacular performance, every show. Dripping in sparkle, you'll be treated to her innovative costuming and mega-watt smile, her comedic instincts, and her powerful voice.

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S9 Portrait Scotch-Valette Photography 2023-3 copy.jpg

Scotch Rose

Our Lady of Smoked Sass

Scotch Rose has returned in force for season 10! This core performer enjoys innovative, out-of-this world concepts and choreography, giving every new act a personal touch and a signature twist. From original song parodies to smoky slow burn, surprising tricks, & hilariously executed striptease, Scotch will intoxicate you every time.

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S9 Portrait Beefcake - Valette Photography 2023-5 copy.jpg

Farley Beefcake

Seemingly Rare Yet Always Well-Done

Our resident king of puns, Farley Beefcake is the host with the most, at the helm of every Frostease show since season four. He's witty, charming, and up for any shenanigans. If you're lucky, you may even get to snap his suspenders.

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Belladonna Lust

Pick your Poison Wisely

New to Frostease crew for Season 10, Belladonna Lust will be weaving spells of sensuality in every show by helping with costume creation and providing front of house support. Her illustrious and spellbinding nature is a force to be reckoned with.

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Fallon Thyme copy.jpg

Fallon Thyme

Thyme to Fallon love

Introducing Fallon Thyme to the Frostease crew for season 10. Quirky yet seductive, Fallon Thyme will fill your hearts and leave you begging for more. It is her personal mission to make everyone love themselves unapologetically. It’s Thyme to Fallon love with her, so she can make you Fallon love with you!

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S9 Portrait Nova - Valette Photography 2023-10 sq.jpg

Nova Stardust

A Cosmic Shockwave

With a love of the stars and sciences, season 10 Frost Queen Nova Stardust explodes onto the stage. Her energetic radiation has taken you to universes near and far, exploring the galaxy one constellation, and one nerdy striptease, at a time.

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S9 portrait honey-3.jpg

Honey Maybe

The Girl Who Just Might

Sign Girl and Professional Pretty Person since season 2, and producer since season 8, Honey Maybe has mastered the art of the one-hour striptease. With impeccable costuming and a take-no-shit attitude, she's ready to sashay across the stage and into your hearts.

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Ignis sq.jpg

Ignis Ember

Coming in Like A Blaze

Ignis Ember returns for another season of smoldering hot costumes and unpredictable moves that will set your heart ablaze. She will light up your hearts with her sultry vibes and smokes curves, leaving you craving more.

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20230826_201707 copy.jpg

Storm Bruin

A Force of Nature

Introducing Storm Bruin for season 10, a force of nature wrapped in human form. With a tempestuous spirit and an electrifying presence, Storm is a character who's bound to leave a mark wherever they go.

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