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Your Triple-D Cup of Tea

The English Muffin

Frostease Owner and Co-Founder, The English Muffin loves mixing sultry slow-burn with a great sense of comedic timing, combining nerdlesque and neo-classic elements to delight audiences and leave them
wanting more.

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Keeping the Drama on the Stage

Isabella Novela

Principal Dancer Isabella Novela is making her Frostease debut in season seven. With a background in theater, opera, and more, she's ready to bare more than her soul for you. Get ready to fall in love with her, and all the stories she has to tell.

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Seemingly Rare Yet Always Well-Done

Farley Beefcake

Our resident king of puns, Farley Beefcake is the host with the most, at the helm of every Frostease show since season four. He's witty, charming, and up for any shenanigans. If you're lucky, you may even get to snap his suspenders.

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Shaking Ass and Taking Names

Darth Vackie

Enjoy going over to the dark side with Darth Vackie as your guide. This hilarious bombshell will turn your favorite characters on their heads and have you out of your seats begging for more from this brand-new Frostbite and her feature debut this season.

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Our Lady of Smoked Sass

Scotch Rose

Principal Dancer Scotch Rose enjoys innovative, out-of-this world concepts and choreography, giving every new act a personal touch and a signature twist. From original song parodies to hilariously executed striptease, Scotch will intoxicate you every time.

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The Girl Who Just Might

Honey Maybe

Sign Girl and Professional Pretty Person since season two, Honey Maybe has mastered the art of the one-hour striptease. With impeccable costuming and a take-no-shit attitude, she's ready to sashay across the stage and into your hearts.

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Sass and Ass to the Moon and Back

Moxie Rocket

Kitty and Titty Wrangler (aka Stage Manager) Moxie Rocket returns to her role of HBIC, keeping the Frostbites in line with a firm hand and the occasional spanking when it's called for. Stay on her good side - or don't, her bad side is pretty delightful, too.

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Clever Clover

Sweet and sassy, Clever Clover will be your gateway to all Frostease shows when we can finally snuggle in tight at a bar again. Until then, feast your eyes on her design skills and behind-the-scenes masterminding, making your entire experience with us memorable.

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Alaska's Sultry Frosted Sweet Treat

Panty Cakes

Principal Dancer Panty Cakes is dedicated to giving her audiences a spectacular performance, every show. Dripping in sparkle, you'll be treated to her innovative costuming and mega-watt smile, her comedic instincts, and her powerful voice.

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Busting into Your Hearts and Out of Her Bra

Busty Sinclair

Reigning Frost Queen and Panty Boss Busty Sinclair brings her incredible assets to the season seven stage - from her stage kitten duties to featured performances, she likes fulfilling a lot of roles, and many fantasies you didn't know you had.

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Not Bright but Certainly Shiny

Nova Stardust

Panty Boss and certified babe Nova Stardust takes her kittening duties very seriously, lovingly handling the stripper detritus that litters the stage. Watch this season for her debut as a featured dancer, making hot messes of her own for your entertainment.

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Eat Your Heart Out

Shaunabal Lecter

Badass beauty Shaunabal Lecter is no stranger to the spotlight, strutting down local runways and modeling in sizzling shoots. She's joining Frostease for her first season and is ready to bring her signature heat to our stage and make you come back for seconds.